Important question for Computer Application In B pharmacy

1.Define number system.
2. Explain the conversion process from binary to octal and binary to hexadecimal.
3. Explain major components of Microsoft Access
4. How Barcode Labels will Work?
5. Explain different types of Databases in Bioinformatics
6. Write a note on LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems)
7. Explain the process for binary addition and binary subtraction.
8. Write different types of Cascading Style Sheets with examples.
9. What is a database?
10. Explain about MySQL Components.
11. Explain about Pharmacokinetics and its stages
12. Explain the impact of bioinformatics on vaccine design and development
13. Write note on CS (Chromatographic data systems).
14. Explain the process of planning and managing the project.
15. How does patient monitoring system works?

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