Artificial Intelligence Important Question

1.What is mean by Artificial Intelligence?
2.what is objective of AI?
3.Draw and explain Artificial Intelligence Diagrams?
4.Expalin history of Artificial Intelligence?
5.what is environment ?
6.Write short note on properties of agent task Environment.
7.Expalin structure of AI?
8.What is mean by problem solving Agent with Example?
9.what is mean by DFS and BFS ?
10.expalin difference between informal and uninformal search?
11.Explain iterative Deeping Search algorithm?
12.what is heuristic function?
13.write short note : Local Search Algorithm.

Machine learning Important question

1.What is Mean by Machine Learning?
2.Explain Concept of Adaptive Machine.
3.Explain  application of machine learning.
4.Explain Types of machine learning.
5.What is deep neural network?
6.Explain data Format with Suitable Example.

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